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Return of the erratically published link list

Oh my. No blog post for more than a year now. Let's end this by restarting my blog with something spectacular, never-seen-before and groundbreakingly new - a link list. Buckle up, Reeder's Digest is back ('though I dropped the name):

  • pa11y - automated accessibility testing : A handy little tool for fast a11y testing of your (or someone else's) website and gaining awareness of accessability, via one line in your terminal: pa11y bigger-on-the-inside.net. A webservice and a dashboard are available as well. (via @janl and @davatron500 on Twitter)
  • yellowled.de Live Relaunch (German): Matthias Mees conducts a live redesign of it's blog, allowing us to look over his shoulder regarding design, coding, workflow and intermediate states in the process. I find these oppurtinities to be highly interesting.
  • ProcessWire on TutsPlus: Installation and reasoning: With ProcessWire 3 around the corner and brand, documentation and organisational changes ahead I really do believe 2016 will be a great year for an equally great CMS/CMF.
  • A new mobile navigation menu for PlayStation.com: Very fascinating new approach to solve a deep nested and complex navigation on mobile.
  • New rubyonrails.org: Although I share the criticism towards the somehow sloppy typography in the logo I really like the new approach to the front-page. It feels both very un-techy and basecamp-y (in the 37signals-y philosophy sense).
  • toggleAria: The last one is a shameless plug and a little jQuery-Plugin for toggling WAI-ARIA states like  aria-busy,  aria-disabled ,  aria-expanded , and  aria-hidden. Imagine it as the counterpart to jQuery's toggleClass. Nothing spectacular, but a classic scratched-my-own-itch thingie.