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Reeder's Digest #4

The Wire / "ProcessWire Weekly #14"

Apart from being full of releases, demos and other magic made with ProcessWire, this week's ProcessWire Weekly community update includes a rather long, but very promising part of the changes coming to ProcessWire in Version 2.5, written by its creator, Ryan Cramer. File based export/import of fields and templates for continuous integration? Better RTE? New default Admin theme? The next big PW release has got you covered.

Duke Compass Forever / "Compass 1.0 is Released!"

Following a magnificiant showcase on how high version numbers < 1 can go, Chris Eppsteins COMPASS framework has finally hit the magic 1.0 milestone. In this blog post, he presents changes and features of this release alongside some reflections on his stubbornness (for which we web developers are very grateful).

A tale of Speaker-mans, Burgermans and Talleyrand / "Beyond Tellerrand"

This May I was very lucky to attend Beyond Tellerrand in Düsseldorf and had the honor to listen to some very interesting, inspiring, emotional and funny talks. Bit by bit, they now are appearing in either Marc's or Beyond's vimeo channel. To name a few of my favorites: Maintaining Simplicity, Return to Planet Aearth, The Internet With a Human Face, Technology - The Power And The Promise. And don't forget the hilarious Spiekermann talk...!

"...thinking about muscular men doing 'sports'" / "Deep Breath - BBFC analysis"

First of all: this analysis/rating of The British Board of Film Classification will spoil some plot points of Doctor Who's "Deep Breath" - but in a breathtaking funny and bureaucratic way. For example by classifying a T-Rex as a "mild threat". And by mentioning a threat of the other kind coming from a "naked statue".