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Reeder's Digest #3

Working for a living or living to work / "Being Profitable"

Although you possibly made your hobby to your full time job, don't forget to design the money side of your business. Matt Griffin's first article of a four part series on the financial aspects of webworking.

Mission VIMpossible / "Say hello to marcel.io"

Martin Wolf wrote a nice little case study about a microsite (for Marcel of UARRR.org fame) and trial run for building with VIM and using srcset, modular SCSS and SVG. He also has put its code on GitHub. Also, congrats to Martin and Marcel for joining the freelance universe!

Developers, don’t think out loud in front of a client / "Developers and Communication"

As a developer, always aim to be interpreter: not only for ideas into code, but also for technical risks and opportunities into a language everyone understands and appreciates.

What does it do? It turns blue / "Blueprint Wireframes"

The last link of this issue is a shameless plug: Static wireframes aren't the best way to showcase your responsive concept. Customers sometimes mistake too detailed wireframes as design proposals. Solve these two problems by creating simple, abstract sketches in HTML and use the familiar blueprint metaphor. I incorporated Stephen Hay's "content reference wireframes" concept into a visual style that (hopes) to emphasize the "construction plan" function of wireframes and put up a one-pager for this.