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Reeder's Digest #2

Easy as 2, 3, 4 / "The Android Browser"

Asimovs laws of robotics don't appear to be applicable on "Androids". A slideshow full of vendor and version horrors. Via @owzim.

Sketch: a doodle / "Sketch, the hammer and a rusty nail"

Andreas Dantz about Sketch's promises vs. actual flawed state.

PWeapon Of Choice / "Processwire vs. Wordpress"

Chosing WordPress for a CMS powered site must not be an automattism (pun intended).

24 - Preview Another Tab / "Opera Developer 24: Tab preview"

Opera is focusing on becoming unique again and introduces Tab Previews in its Opera 24 Developer Preview.

Ciao, Tip/Tap / "A graphical history of the world cup"

Nice overview of the visual language of the world cup, both in context of time and styles, and hosting nations. Including a mascot for Italy '90 called "Ciao".