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Reeder's Digest #1

First of all, forgive me the pun.

Secondly, let's try this pseudo standard blog routine of posting interesting links. But I don't dare to establish a fixed publishing frequency yet.

Quick and dirty = interest payments / "Technical debt"

In this old but timeless article Martin Fowler compares technical to financial debts. Applying quick-and-dirty solutions to a project giving you the work flow you need just as a credit does to your cash flow. But boths things comes at a price - interest rates.

How Kirby 2's Panel UI uses Patternlab / "Kirby Patterns"

Having it not yet scanned in detail, this could be the first real life example of using Patternlab I was looking for.

The 'I know what I'm doing' bias / "I don't know what I'm doing"

Nice read of the necessity of staying humble – even if you do feel that you're really in control. Via @laura_nobilis

$ npm install -g frustration / "Trying and failing"

Very personal reflections and insights by Andrew Clarke on how 'terminal' everything went in WebDev lately and what feelings this can cause.

Windsor Is Coming / "The Queen of England visits the set of Game Of Thrones"

Seeing Liz II. on the Iron Throne I was intrigued how well both pun and photo montage was made - but that did actually happen. Kudos, Elizabeth, one is going to be Queen of Popculture some day, dear.